Diving for Disabled

Whoever can fulfill certain basic health conditions, can experience the feeling of absolute weightlessness.

In water the difference between disabled and non-disabled people is minimized. A paraplegic diver, for example, can easily move independently under water

For the athlete an unusual bodily sensation and a real piece of freedom can be experienced. The feeling to be able to float weightlessly through space has fascinated mankind since time began.

Few limitations

Diving is possible with a variety of disabilities. The only exceptions, participants should have no problems with their heart and circulatory, respiratory tract, nasal sinuses and the ears. These are however the same basic health conditions, which have to be met by divers without disabilities.


Do you want to sail?

This experience is possible the WHOLE YEAR. To reserve, please send an email to info@sunridertours.com or fill the contact form below. You can also feel free to chat with us.


Every person with these clinical profile can experience the amazing feeling of flowing under the water. The duration of this courses is minimum 6 days stay. Everyday there are lectures in the classroom (from 8 to 12 hours the whole week) that the student must attend. In confined waters, there are 5 sessions of 2 hour duration each. 3 inmmersions in open water with a 35 minute duration. Finally there will be a final test to achieve the certification.


Special price for the companions. They can share hotel rooms or have one for their own. Fill the Sunrider contact form in this page and we will contact you with prices and agenda.

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    Course kit, professional guidance and support in earth and land, soft drinks in class, and lunchs in the see, equipment, and hotel accommodation for a single or double room.

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    AWARD 2016

    Certificate of exellence


These courses are open the whole year. Click the botton below and fill the contact form. The responsables of Sunrider Tours will contact you to provide the whole information with prices and agenda. Or feel free to chat with us with and we will respond to your questions.

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