Aphrodite, The goddess of love was born on the sea foam. No wonder why a lot of sea food is consider an aphrodisiac. With its rich content of phosphorus, protein, zinc and iron you can not only keep yourself healthy, but also make that other special person happy.

Fish aren’t only pleasing to the palate, but to the eye as well. If you ever been diving you would know the beauty that hides beneath the surface of the ocean. The feeling of breathing under water and to be amongst all those beautiful creatures. They say that you can see in 10 minutes in the ocean, the same amount of animal activity as you would in 10 days in the jungle. That’s why this hobby is increasingly becoming more popular and even though it’s almost impossible to resist the exquisite flavor of fish, hopefully it creates consciousness about human exaggerated rating of overfishing and can help stop the hunt of endangered species.

Baja California is a mecca for people that love pleasing the senses. With amazing underrated wines, incredible outdoor activities, beautiful ocean and great cuisine there is something for every person that has a feeling of adventure while also likes to lavish themselves in the luxury of a stunning place.

Diving in Baja California is extremely diverse. You can visit and dive Jacques Cousteau Island (Isla Cerralvo), a barren plain at 27 meters (90 feet) where sands shift over a rock wall. Or more experienced divers would prefer El Bajo, a seamount where hammerheads, moray eels and mantas swim through the black coral. Also available on a two hour boat ride is Cabo Pulmo, considered the northernmost living coral reef, it holds 220 species of fish. Or if you are not afraid of enclosed environments, wreck diving is also a unique alternative.

Baja Med is the name of the fusion food of Tijuana and Baja California. It combines ingredients of Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Baja Med dishes showcase the fresh produce and seafood of Baja California.

Here are 4 beautiful fish that you can spot on your underwater adventure and will light the spark that make your holiday truly unforgettable:


atlantic-blue-finbluefin-tuna-foodBlue fin tuna: Different to most fish, the tuna is warm blooded; they can regulate their body temperature. The extra heat results in more power and speed. It may reach as much as 3 m (9.8 ft) in length and 450 kg (990 lb) in weight.




Baja Med recipe: This flavorful recipe represents the diversity of this cuisine. One way to cook it is as a steak with powder wasabi, sesame, jicama, jalapeño, garlic and ginger






Salmon-foodSalmon: The specific type that lives in the Pacific is known as Chinnok. It spends three to five years in the ocean before returning to their home rivers to spawn. After laying eggs, females guard the redd from four to 25 days, while males seek additional mates. An adult salmon can be up to 147 centimeters (50 inches) long and can weigh up to 60 kilos (132 pounds). They travel in beautiful and coordinated big schools. Its skin isn’t pink like popular belief, but rather a blue/green on the top, silver on the side and white on the bottom.


Baja Med recipe: A mouthwatering way to cook it is marinated salmon tart with avocado and wasabi


hake-close-300hake-foodHake: This silver fish can weight up to 27 kilos (60 pounds) and can grow up to 1 meter (3 feet). You can
find it in deep waters while diving, but it is easier to spot them on a night dive, when they tend to come up to shallower waters.

Baja Med recipe: It can be baked in the oven with lime, pepper, oregano and garlic.







shrimp-tank-com-painted-fire-red-shrimp-1_c-300x228shrimp-foodShrimp: This funny looking creature with fragile legs and long whiskers can be found solitary or in big schools. It can be as long as 25 centimeters (9.8 inches). They play an important role in the food chain from fish to whales.

Baja Med recipe: A delicious pasta cook in clam sauce, white wine, lemon juice and parsley.


So there you have it. If you are looking for a beautiful place where you can relax and have fun at the same time, Baja is definitely a top choice. Well prepared for tourism yet full of places waiting to be discovered. If it’s for adventure, lust or gluttony, indulge your sins in paradise.