We are a Dive Centre located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, offering scuba diving instruction, tours, and equipment for divers of all experience levels.

We offer internationally recognized dive courses like the Open Water and Advanced Diver, along with a variety of specialty certifications to further your underwater skills.

Our knowledgeable local guides and top-of-the-line boats ensure a comfortable and safe dive for everyone. For those with mobility limitations ♿ we proudly offer wheelchair-accessible boats – a unique service that makes us the only inclusive dive tour company in Cabo San Lucas, recognized by the Secretary of Tourism.


Cabo San Lucas

Blvd. Marina SN. Int. Gali Plaza No. 41,
Col. Centro, 23450. Cabo San Lucas, BCS, México.

+52 (624) 143 2252

La Paz

Pirámides, Club Campestre
23090 La Paz, B.C.S.

+52 (612) 121 5161


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